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Treehouse Building F.A.Q.

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What browser do I need for the ToL Easy Editor to work? (The ToL Easy Editor is used for adding text and media in the Treehouse Editor)
What browsers don't work with the Easy Editor?
How do I know if the ToL Easy Editor is working?

If the ToL Easy Editor is on and working, the toolbar (as seen in the image to the left) will appear above the text box for adding treehouse text. If the ToL Easy Editor is not working you will only see a blank white text box. If you are using Mac Internet Explorer the ToL Easy Editor will simply not appear.

What if I don't see the ToL Easy Editor when I choose to edit the page text?

If the Easy Editor doesn't appear it means that it is not supported by your browser and you will need to use another browser or write the HTML yourself in the text field. If you want to write your own HTML see All the HTML You Need for assistance.

How can I write my own HTML?

If you choose to write your own HTML please see All the HTML You Need.

Can I use another web editor or a word processing program to compose my treehouse text?

Yes, no problem, but there are some instructions you must follow. Please see Transfer Text to the Easy Editor for assistance.

Where to I find information about how to find, create, upload and insert media into my treehouse?

Go to the Add Media section.

Where can I find information about how to register classroom projects?

Go to the Teacher Resources section and/or Classroom Projects: How to Begin Building

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