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Teacher Resource Examples

Teacher Resource Other and Portfolio
Marine Discovery: Exploring Marine Life
© Marine Discovery
Watch a slide show of marine life in México and movies of students in the lab. Includes a teacher's guide. Aligned with AZ Standards.
Teacher Resource Lesson
The Life as a Lizard Unit Treehouse

© A. T. Holycross
An overview of lizard biology culminating in the "Life as a Lizard" role playing game. Contains lessons with science standards, glossary words, information, internet and multimedia resources, and more!
Teacher Resource Project
Making 3-D Models of the Tree of Life
© 2005 Eric Lee
Create 3-D models of the Tree of Life to learn about the genetic connections between Life on Earth. Make models with common materials, use templates for "leaves" and get examples of trees to build.

Contribute Teacher Resources

Please share resources that teach about organisms and biodiversity. To add teacher resources you must log-in or register as a Treehouse Builder.

Add materials to guide learning such as:

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Types of Teacher Resource Treehouses You Can Create

Create a lesson plan with the information and materials needed to implement the resource. You will have the option of creating a separate section for students to view, and for adding "support materials" in web page or document form.
Present an activity that teachers can implement or offer alone, or as part of a lesson or project. Activities can usually be completed in one session and may focus more closely on a specific learning objective.
Present guidelines for a project. Projects generally extend or apply concepts taught in a course and culminate in a product. You may choose to link individual lessons and activities to the main project page.
Information Hunt (coming soon)
Guide students to web pages so that they can learn more about a topic. You can also point students to other information sources, but this format is primarily for web-based learning.
Other teacher resource
Create a teacher resource that doesn't fit the other categories. You can use this format to present material that isn't mean to guide students in any type of lesson or activity, but rather to present information that will support learning. We welcome lists of books, videos and other helpful materials for teaching about organisms and biodiversity, with a brief description of each resource, its general reading or subject difficulty level, and tips on how to use the materials with learners.
All teacher resources can function as portfolios, or collections of related materials, because it often takes more than one resource to teach a concept. Teacher resource portfolios have their own navigation links to the materials that are part of the portfolio.
WebQuests are teacher resources, but they have their own category because of their unique format and because learners can often embark on WebQuests on their own.

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