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Add Media to your Treehouse:

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  3. 3. Insert Media

2. Upload Media to the ToL Database

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Upload Media to the ToL Database

Before you can insert media you have created or media you have found on the web (that you have permission to use ) into your treehouse you will first need to upload (add) it to the ToL database.

Make sure that the media file you want to upload is saved on your computer and that there are no spaces in the file name. For example, don't name your file: "my cool frog.gif". Do name your file: mycoolfrog.gif. The Multimedia Reference has more information on the types of file formats you can use on the web.

Upload Images / Media

Selecting an Image to Upload

Login as a treehouse builder. Once you are logged in, from the Treehouse Manager either choose:

    • The link to the Media Manager at the top of the page.
    • To edit a treehouse page, then select Step 3 Upload/Edit Media.

The example below shows how Rylan uploaded an image to the ToL Database. For the example below, Rylan is the copyright holder. If you are not the copyright holder (e.g. you did not create the image) see copyright rules and issues and Help Filling out the Image/Media Data Entry Form before you upload the image or media file.

  1. Rylan clicked Browse to find an image that he wanted to upload to the ToL database on his own computer
    • The image Rylan chose to upload, called leafmallow.jpg, "lives" on his computer in a folder called "RylanPictures". After he clicked Browse, Rylan found his leafmallow.jpg image in the "RylanPictures" folder and clicked to open it.
    • After Rylan selected the image on his computer the name of the image appeared in the space next to Browse.
  2. Rylan made sure the name of his image appeared next to the browse button, and then he clicked on Upload New Image to begin the upload.
  3. After Rylan selected an image from his computer and uploaded it to the ToL database the next step was to fill out the image data entry form and submit the image data to the ToL. Download a PDF of the form or browse a preview

Upload Media (Movies, Sounds, and Documents)

Once in the Media Manager or on the Treehouse Step #3 Upload/Edit Media, you can see that the default type of file to upload is an image. If you are uploading a sound, movie or document file, select the correct radio button. From there, uploading a media file is the same process as uploading an image, though the data entry forms are slightly different for each type of media. Note that media files must be under 5 megabytes or you will not be able to complete the upload.

Filling out the Image and Media Data Entry Forms

The Imaga Data Entry Form

After Rylan selected an image from his computer and uploaded it to the ToL database the next step was to fill out the image data entry form and submit the image data to the ToL. When Rylan completed the form, he clicked submit and checked for errors, then returned to the editing form to make a few corrections. He also knew that he could return to edit the image data at a later time if he needed to make changes. When was satisfied, he clicked submit and accepted the image data.

In the image to the right you can see the beginning of the Image Data Entry form. Download a PDF of the complete form. See image Help Filling out the Image/Media Data Entry Form for assistance filling out the form.

Below you can see the fields that Rylan filled out in the Image Data Entry form.

Edit and Delete Image / Media Files

Once you upload an image or media file to the ToL you may want to edit some of the information for that file, or even delete the file. To edit or delete an image or media file, login and choose to go to the Media Manager, or to Step #3 of the Treehouse Editor. From there you can go to the edit media section, or the delete media section and search for the media file you want to edit or delete. You can search on the name of the file, a word that is part of the text written about the file, the name of the copyright owner, or the file ID#. Be careful because when you click to delete a media file, there won't be any warning asking you if you definitely want to remove the file. If you choose to edit the media file, you will revisit the media data entry form, where you can make changes to the data for that image or media file. You can even choose to upload another image or media file to take the place of the original.

View All Media You Have Contributed

To view all of the media that you have contributed go to Media Contributors page and look up your name or pseudonym, then click the link for your name.

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